Energy & Environment


The shortage of natural energy resources is pushing industries operating in this sector increasingly into the public eye. The energy industry and commodity trade are areas that receive above-average attention from the public and are also heavily regulated by politics. Practically all energy providers and resources, as well as their entire supply chains, are affected – from funding to marketing and consumption. This tendency is only going to increase due to climate change and the increasing scarcity of resources.

At the same time, consumer demands are rising. Purchasers are placing more value on social and ecological sustainability. Publicity work therefore has the complex task of balancing social, scientific, political and business interests, engaging in serious dialogue with those involved, and positioning the companies and other players in the sector.

We have many years of experience in advising organizations that operate in the energy and commodity sectors. Through our comprehensive network we help them to reach defined target groups within the media, politics, industry or the general public wherever they are located. Our team of expert communicators are specialists within the energy sector and have technical, political and scientific editing as well as strategy development, event management and crisis communications experience. Our Energy Practice team addresses and engages with professionals from the fields of research and science, economy and administration as well as politicians, trade and broader media and the interested public in Switzerland.